Lord Shiva family: Perfectness of Lord Shiva and his family

Lord Shiva Parivaar

Lord Shiva is infinite, almighty and omnipotent. Everywhere is the presence of them.

They have the greatest family ever possible.

The greatness of their family is surprising, filled with devotion, truth, and surrender.

And in this article, I describe members of Lord Shiva's family with detailed stories and interesting lessons we can learn from them. I also uploaded some photos of Mahadev's family to fill life with divinity.

Let's see,

An Introduction to almighty God Shiva, and his family

Lord Shiva is God of gods who is known as Mahadev, Sadashiv, Vishweshwar, Tryambakeshwar, and thousands of other names.

Lord Shiva is one who is impossible to know by anyone.

The simplicity of them is such that they wear snakes, have trishula in hand, are in meditation. But also they have the power to create everything in a tiny fraction of time. Even time is also created by them. 

Power of Lord Shiva is unimaginable, even all Puranas says them as impossible to explain. They stay in Kailasa which is beyond physical dimensions. For the welfare of humanity, they come on Earth with real form as well as Avatars.

In this form, Lord Shiva has two wives,
  1. Devi Sati
  2. Devi Parvati
We will soon see detailed information but as a summary,

In the first incarnation, Goddess Shakti born as Sati from Daksha. But because Daksha insult Mahadev, she goes away from the body. In the second Avatar, she born as Parvati in the home of Himalaya. By penance, she gets Lord Shiva as a husband.

The first son of Lord Shiva is Kartikeya who kills Tarakasura and protects everyone from danger. The second son is Ganesha, gets the blessing of first worship before any gods. 

In one incident, he wins a competition by Parikrama of his mother and Father while Kartikeya does Parikrama of all world.

Ganesha has two wives. The name of wives is Riddhi and Siddhi, who is the reason for siddhic power and wealth. Sons are Subha and Labha.

So, the family tree of Lord Shiva will be according to Shiva Purana is as follows:

Family tree of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva also has a daughter who is mentioned in Padma Purana. The name of her is Ashoka Sundari.

God Shiva has other sons and daughters who are Ayyappan, Andhakasura, Jalandhara, Mansa, and Vishnumaya.

Now, let's see more details.

Who is Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is the Lord of all Devas, who has infinite power. The universe is just thinking of them.

Very beautiful image of God Shiva sitting with close eyes and trishula

God Shiva have three eyes, ash, Ganga on hair and various qualities.

They have the highest level of perfectness whichever possible.

They show their power to all world by divine play.

Lord Shiva is also the greatest devotee of Shri Krishna, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the authentic Scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, it is said:

"...Lord Sambhu [Siva] the greatest of Vaishnava..."  

Goddess Sati

Goddess Sati is the first incarnation of Goddess Shakti. By penance of Daksha, she born in the home of him.

As time passes, Goddess Sati becomes young. She knows about Lord Shiva, and her only wish is to get them.

She starts Penance and Vrat with pure devotion. In Shiva Purana, the process explained by which Sati did penance. 

After a long time, Lord Shiva tests her, by coming in place of penance of Sati. Lord Shiva comes in different forms, and they insult themselves in front of Sati. Sati first becomes angry but after she recognizes that person in front of her of non-other than Lord Shiva. She prays to God Shiva and asks a boon to become a husband. Lord Shiva grants it and soon married.

Photo of Sati Goddess
Goddess Aadishakti

After a long time, once in Yagya of her father, Sati and Lord Shiva aren't invited. Goddess Sati asks Shiva the reason behind not inviting them. 

Lord Shiva explain event happened a long time ago, in which Lord Shiva due to in meditation, doesn't stand up while Daksha comes. By this event, Daksha decided to insult Shiva and therefore he organized Yagya.

They also advised Sati to not to go to any place where one isn't invited.

But Sati can't believe it, she asks for permission to visit Yagya. Shiva understands her, but she wants to go in any case. Finally, Lord Shiva gives permission.

Sati visits the place of Yagya, meets her mother. She finds her father and asks reason to not include. But Daksha insult Mahadev by hard words.

Sati can't listen to anything against Supreme Shiva, her husband.

She becomes angry and thinks that she should not stay in the body which born from Daksha. This body has no purpose for her.

And soon, she leaves her body by breathing method. Fire generates from the body. She leaves the body.

Mahadev knows the disappearance of Sati. They take an avatar of Virabhadra.

Virabhadra and thousands of other Ganas go to Yagya place. Ganas destroy almost everything and cut the part of bodies of demigods. One who stands with Daksha when he insults Lord Shiva, are injured by Virabhadra. Virabhadra also punished Daksha by cutting his head.

After Lord Shiva come there. They reverse the damages and return body parts of Devtas.

Shiva gives life to everyone who killed by Virabhadra and makes everything normal.

Also, they are sad because of the disappearance of Goddess Sati. They are so sad that they take the body of Sati and roam everywhere.

Devtas worried about it and request Shri Vishnu to solve the problem.

Vishnu cut the body of Sati by Sudarshana chakra into 51 pieces. These Pieces fall on Earth, and place, where they are, is called "Shaktipitha".

After they become calm and meditate.

Goddess Parvati

Shiva and Parvati

Goddess Shakti takes the second incarnation Parvati, born in the home of Himalaya.

After listening to Narada, Parvati knows about a future husband and decided to marry them. She goes to the place where Lord Shiva meditates and serve them whenever they need it.

Parvati worships by various methods and tries to please Shiva. But Lord Shiva is in the deep meditation and out of the material world, they don't notice her presence. They continue their penance.

At that time, Devtas need protection against Tarakasura, who has boon by he can only be killed by the son of Shiva.

King of heaven, Indra sends Kamadeva at the place of meditation of Shiva, to create a material attraction in Shiva.

Kamadeva shoots an arrow of strong desire. The atmosphere suddenly changes, everything becomes like there is a summer.

Lord Shiva interrupts in penance. They know Kamadeva's action. They open the third eye, destroy Kamadev.

Kamadeva's wife Rati is there. She becomes sad to see her husband die. She requests Shiva to return her husband back.

From her prayer, Shiva pleased. They say Kamadeva will be born in a family of Krishna who known as Pradumna. You will meet him again in Dwapar Yuga.

After Shiva leaves the place.

Wish of Parvati to get Lord Shiva has become stronger. She leaves her family. She starts penance in Forest.

Parvati meditate and penance Shiva for a long time.

Lord Shiva tests her by sending Saptarshi and going there as an Avatar of Brahmchari. But she passes all the exams.

Lord Shiva impress on her dedication and devotion, grant her a wish of marriage.

Lord Kartikeya

Kartikeya is the first son of Shiva. He masters in a fight from the child's age.

As Tarakasura has boon from which he can't be killed by anyone except Son of Shiva, Kartikeya fights against Tarakasura and win.

Kartikeya was chosen as the leader of heaven. Brahma and Vishnu pleased by his braveness, and give him a blessing.

If we see about his mother, he not only has one mother Parvati but has six Mothers, who known as "Kritikas". His name "Kartikeya" is derived from his mother's name.

Once Kartikeya makes six head when six mother wants to give mother milk. 

Lord Ganesha

Photo of Ganapati

The second son of God Shiva is Shree Ganesha, who born when Lord Shiva is not there.

Once Goddess Parvati feels aloneness. She creates one son from her body, Ganesha. When Goddess Parvati going to bath, son Ganesha stays as Gatekeeper.

Once, God Shiva comes there but because Goddess Parvati takes bath, Ganesha stops their entry.

There is also an ego of Ganesha because he wants to fight again Mahadev and understand himself powerful that he can win anyone. To protect Ganesha, God Shiva cut a head of him.

When Parvati sees a situation, she becomes very angry. She says to make her son normal and to join his head. The problem is very serious, once the head is cut by the weapon of Shiva, it can't join again. So, Lord Shiva tells one Ganas to go and bring the head of anyone who meets in the path.

Ganas goes and brings the head of an elephant.

Lord Shiva joined the elephant's head with the body of Ganesha.

Now, he lives again.

All Devtas were happy to see him. They honor him and give boons.

Boons are:

  • He worshipped first before any Pooja.
  • He will remover of Obstacles and problems.
  • If someone goes to heaven without worshipping him, one can't reach heaven.
  • He makes obstacles in the work of Demons and people who want to harm others.
  • He becomes the leader of all Ganas and called Ganapati.

Shiva and Parvati have Ganesha in hand and play with him

Lord Shiva and Parvati also give him a blessing and worship their son. The mother and father take care of him. Ganesha also knows his reality.

Competition between Ganesha and Kartikeya

At one time, there is a controversy between both Kartikeya and Ganesha.

To solve it, his mother and father decide to organize one race in which both have to go and do Parikrama of the whole Earth.

One who comes first will win.

Both are ready. When race start, Kartikeya start a Parikrama and go for it.

But Ganesha not. He stops there and goes near to his parents. He gives respect to his parents and does Parikrama of them.

In this way, he wins a race of the whole Earth because, in the parents, Earth and everything exists.

When Kartikeya return, he surprised to see his brother wins the race.

He asks Mother and Father, they tell event that how Ganesha use his intelligence and pass an exam.

Kartikeya feels sad, he goes away from there to one mountain.

To please him, Lord Shiva and Parvati come, ask him to return but he denied. So, Shiva and Parvati stay there as a form of Jyotirlinga named Mallikarjunam.

Mallikarjunam made from the word Mallika and Arjuna.

Mallika means Devi Parvati and Arjuna means God Shiva. They stay there in this form and say that they will come here in every Poonam in the real form to meet him.

After Lord Ganesha marry with Riddhi and Siddhi.

Siddhi means spiritual power. Various Sages penance to get Siddhis but it is under control of Ganesh Lord. Without their wish, any rishi can't get it.

Riddhi means prosperity/wealth and she is the wife of Ganesha. Lord Ganapati gives their devotee wealth by praying with a true heart.

Lord Ganesha save devotee from problems. Any problem comes in work will be removed by only remembering them. The devotee gets Moksha and true peace.

We should worship Ganesha with pure devotion.

Who are all their family members?

Lord Shiva is a father of our universe and Goddess Parvati is a mother of the world, so everyone is like their family members.

Also, One who is a devotee of Shiva and surrenders himself to Mahadev is dear to them so much that they treat him like son.

In this way we may consider us as a child of them, they take care of us and provide us everything we need.

Collection of Photos

I collect some Hd pictures and high-resolution photos of the Shiv family. See and download it:

Lord Shiva with sons and daughters

Shiva and Parvati with son Kartikeya and Ganesha image

Shiva God Family HD photo

Set these photos as wallpaper in your mobile to remember Lord Mahadev, Shiv Shambhu.

The perfection of Mahadev family

As God Shiva is perfect, they have the best family. For example, bull and lion are enemies of each other and can't stay together.

But the Nandi is a vehicle of Shiva who is in the form of bull and vehicle of Parvati is Lion. Both have nature opposite each other but they stay together in Kailasa.

Goddess Parvati does not eat anything when She wants to marry Shiva. She leaves her home and does Tapascharya in Forest.

Stotram to remember Goddess Parvati and Shiva

Umamaheshwar Stotram is stotra which calls Shiva and Mother Parvati by different names and sing their glories. It provides peace, salvation, and protection by reciting. 

Stotram in image,

Click to zoom

Your care is taken by father and Mother of the universe, Shiva-Shakti

They protect you from any situation, any dangers.

Learning from Shiv family

God Shiva with his family, and Nandi sitting near

Some lessons are:

Remember God every time: As Parvati remember them for many years.

Mother and Father are more important than the whole world: While Kartikeya tries to revolve around the whole world, Ganesha wins the race by Parikrama of his mother and father.

Never give up: Devi Parvati do Tapascharya for thousands of years to please Shiva and in this process, She not even take water. At last, her wish is fulfilled and she married Lord Shankar.

Become respectful: Lord Shiva is the perfect husband and Goddess Parvati is the perfect wife. When Shiva meditates, sometimes many years pass but Devi Parvati never becomes angry. She follows her duties and gives respect to the husband.

Never come in the control of ego: Goddess Parvati makes a son when she is alone who is Ganesha. When Mahadev returns from penance, Ganesha stops them. At that time he has an ego. As ego in Ganesha's head can harm him and others, it becomes necessary.


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