Qualities and glories of Lord Shiva

Meditating Lord Shiva

All-Powerful - Shiva is the Strongest one, who can create or destroy the universe by just thinking.

Handsome - Crores of Cupid can't compare them.

Mahayogi - Lord Shiva almost always meditate, sometimes thousands of years passed. They sometimes called "Yogeshwar" means Lord of Yoga. They are Nirguna, who is not in control of the worldly things.

Very large - Everything in the Universe can be limited. But Shiva is Unlimited, they are of size in front stars, galaxies are nothing.

Smallest - According to modern cosmology, a smaller size possible is Plank length, which is smaller than subatomic particles. But Shiva is one who imagines and they create all frequencies, atoms, particles, and complete laws. They are not subjected to size, and if they want, they can be smaller, smallest whichever imaginable.

Can change the laws - Shiva is the creator of laws. Particles, energy and their movement controlled by physical laws, which are created by Shiva for the systematic universe.

Have Thousands of hands

Have Thousands of eyes - Lord Shiva is called "Sahastraksha" which means one who has thousands and thousands of eyes. Lord Shiva can see everywhere, at each place. They can see the future, past, and present.

Dancer (Nataraja) - God Shiva is the greatest dancer. They dance which known as Shiv Tandav has a specific purpose. The dance represents the vibration of subatomic particles. The energy level of atoms and dance of Lord Shiva may be associated. The dance of Shiva also associated with a cosmic level. Movement of galaxies stars with specific rotation show the divine play of Shiva.

Supreme - Greatness, Power of Shiva is Infinite. They are the origin of all world, soul.

Give salvation - Devotee liberate from the world just chanting divine names of Mahadev.

Lord Shiva is there where speech, thoughts, mind can't reach. We are limited, our imagination is limited. We can't think there where there is nothing still everything is from there.

God Shiva is reality, the whole world is an illusion. Only Shiva is real, they make everything as part of their divine play. It shows their greatness, largeness, and superiority. When there is nothing, God Shiva there. When there will nothing, God Shiva will there. When the time does not exist, space doesn't exist, God Shiva is there. It is their decision to create a universe.

All knowledgeable - Everything is known to Shiva. They can see past, future, and as they give limited freedom to creatures, they also know their futures. They can see outside of the dimensions.

Infinite kindness - Mercy on the moon. Lord Shiva free him from the curse of Daksha. They are called "Rudra" because they are very kind. They are "Karuravataram".

Shiva protects the universe from poison, called Nilakanth.

Give devotee more than what he deserves. Just by chanting Om Namah Shivaya and giving Bilvapatra on Shivling, Lord Shiva gives ultimate success and peace.

One who provides fearlessness - By just remembering whom, one becomes fearless. One who takes away all fears, one who helps the devotee in any situation.

Formless - Shiva is Formless.


Remover of the cycle of birth and death



Save devotee from death

Who is God of time, who control time; past, present, future

Who can only be seen by devotion

Who's glory can't sing by Brahma, Saraswati or anyone.

Who's greatness is unimaginable

Who's hand is everywhere still nowhere

Who are in heart of everyone

Who is worshipped by devotees

Who is very hard to reach

Who is brighter than the sun

Bholenath - God of innocent


Aashutosh - easily pleased

Lord Shiva is Pure

They aren't affected by any things. The world has three Gunas, Satvaguna, Rajoguna, and Tamo guna. But Mahadev is beyond it and therefore called 'Nirguna'.

Form of Truth - always speak truth


Lord Shiva is the destroyer of negativity, dangers, evils. At the end of the universe, to create something new universe has to destroy which is by Shiva.


Out of Maya

Anger for purpose

Creator of universe



In Meditation

Source of energy, divinity








Designer of Universe

Our universe is extremely large. Its size is in crores and crores of meters. Such a big Universe, still everything is well designed. Moon, sun, everything is necessary, is there. The shape of the earth, the rotation of the earth, galaxies, how everything is there. Such a wonderful design. Even the design of atomic particles, time, the orbit of particles around a nucleus, and mathematical laws that control its behavior, how greatly designed.

Controller of Gravity, Motion - Normally everything seems automatic, but if Shiva wishes, they can change it anytime. They are the ultimate reason behind Universe runs.

Extremely fine-tuned Universe - Universe is such that it supports life. It has extremely rare to happen by chance.

Lord Shiva is present everywhere and nowhere

Lord Shiva is always there, even when everything destroys. When there is nothing, Lord Shiva is there. They are before the creation of Space, they are 'before' creation of time.

Creator of Gunas - Lord Shiva is Nirguna but created three Gunas, Satvaguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna.

Cause of cause

Creator of laws - Every physical quality is associated with the Universe, is designed by Shiva.

Paradoxical - In Shiva Mahimna Stotra, Pushpadanta describes Shiva as one who's form seems horrible, like ash on the body, three eyes, snake on the neck, wearing skull; but there are great, holy auspicious one.


Shiva is the controller of the cosmos. Every moment of particles, the interaction of it is the only divine play of Lord Shiva.

Who is beyond logics

Who's thinking is holy

Who's name is of peace and energy

Form of knowledge, creator of all knowledge, source of it

Beyond Infinite, Who's beyond infinity

Who is out of everything possible to understand

Who's first, last, in middle, and every place,

Follow devotee

Who is Universal

Ved Swaroopam - Form of Vedas

Sachchinadanand roopam - who is a form of Sat, Chit, and Ananda

Who's beloved by everyone

Who's beyond all bonds

Who remove devotees from attachment

Friend of Kubera, by whom Kubera get unlimited wealth

Lord Shiva's infinite qualities may never end, even the universe's lifetime is completed.

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