Lord Shiva: The Creator of Universe

Image of text Lord Shiva the creator of Universe

Our universe which is created by Supreme God Shiva.

But surprisingly, it is not created by Lord Shiva.

Because they do nothing, Also they do everything!

For understanding the creation of the universe by God, first, understand the power of Shiva.

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Power and Glory of Lord Shiva and Why they are beyond the physical universe?

God Shiva has infinite power that is beyond our thinking and imagination.

They are beyond time and created time. They are outer of dimension and they created dimension.

They are an ultimate destroyer, preserver and creator of the universe, life, Laws, and everything.

Even there is scientific proof and evidence that indicate the existence of Lord Shiva in a surprising way.

Lord Shiva is in our universe and they are outer than our universe.

No one is able to know the power of Shiva.

They are outer of space and they created space. Space includes almost everything that exists in the visible universe.

They have all knowledge about the whole world and the universe.

They are in the water but also they are not in water.

Image of Lord Shiva Universe

They are in the fire but they are not in the fire. God shiva does not have any shape. Because they are "Nirakar" and formless.

They are able to do everything.

They create space in such a way that it supports life and earth in the universe. It might be impossible to imagine the universe without space.

Shiva is so great that no one is able to describe them.

They have no color because they created color. And they outer than color.

Our universe is so big and so much big that how someone describes our whole universe but the God Shiva is the creator of our whole universe.

Scientific evidence of God Shiva and Creation of universe

Why someone does not believe in God Shiva?

A common misunderstanding is that science does not believe in the Lord.

That wrong.

Absolutely wrong.

There is much evidence that shows the existence of God Shiva.

Big Bang is a recent discovery about the creation of the universe.

It is an event from which our whole universe appears.

Every planet, stars and even we also come from Big bang. This event happens at 14 billion years ago.

Theory of it say that everything comes out from nothing.

There is one instantaneous moment of time when everything comes out.

Even time does not exist before the big bang!

There is nothing like time exists.

This means that it is meaningless to say before and after.

There is no space before a big bang happens. This means that no chemical reaction possible.

No physical laws work without space. Even all physical laws appear after this supernatural event.


How is it possible that something has appeared from nothing?

Not possible.

Why Stephen Hawking wrong about God and the Universe?

Some scientists like Stephen Hawking say that it is possible And Universe can appear without supernatural events or without Shiva.

But there is a contraindication in that theory.

It says that laws make the universe. The universe is part of the multi-universe and this multi-universe generates laws. From these laws, the universe comes out without God.

Think this:

It is contradictory.

Without physical laws, no multi-universe and without the multi-universe, no universe appearing.

Even, question is that why there may be any universe at all?

No theory or experiment can prove the multi-universe.

Even if the multi-universe exists, then also it proves the power of God Shiva and that they make one omniverse in which they make laws to control multiverse and in which infinite universe appearing.

There is evidence for Big Bang. The scientific evidence from cosmological background radiation​shows that big bang happens.

What does it mean?

There must be the existence of God Shiva.

Because Lord Shiva controls the universe at a cosmic level.

They even not need to do anything. Everything is happening by just Sankalp of God.

Every physical law appears.

Energy, space, quantum vacuum and all others are just by Sankalp of Mahadeva.

Who is outer than the universe, space and time and they create the whole universe in a wonderful way that even scientists can't know.

Creation of the universe in Shiva Purana

In the Shiva Purana or Vishnu Puran, There are slokas about the creation of the universe which is exactly as the science discovers in modern days.

Meaning of It that Lord Shiva is supreme, Infinite, immortal, formless, shapeless, creator of the super world with complex mathematical laws.

God Shiva creates the universe from nothing and they able to do everything.

It is because God Shiva is the creator and they create the universe, life, and human.

As they are the creator of the universe, they made in such a way that there is freedom of humans to choose to accept and worshipping God or reject God.

If you accept God Parmeshwar and worship them then you get unimaginable benefits and advantages.

How God Shiva created our universe?

God Shiva is a creator who thinks something that happens in the whole universe and it appears and happens automatically by the power of God.

They have to even not need to think about this all universe.

Because if they do not think then also by only their "Sankalp" all things and universe, life and all small particle-like electron, quarks, proton, neutron, and even big galaxy also created by this almighty Lord Shiva.

They do everything which we can't even imagine.

All physical laws to operate the universe.

They create the universe at a quantum level, smaller than electron, proton, quarks.

Lord Shiva create time space and whole universe

They create a moon, Sun and Planet that we can see today.

They create the universe too large that even light takes more than 93 billion years to travel.

They make earth supportable for life by extreme fine-tuning.

The universe at this level shows the greatness of Lord Shiva and introduces their ultimate power.


  1. Interesting to know about God

  2. People of Indus civilization prayed shiva as a god, it means he existed before aryans invade india,
    Then why he is called hindu god?
    any one know about it?
    what was the time period of shiva?

    1. Thank you for your comment

      The word 'Hindu' is not in any Vedas or purara. It is name in English which is derived from word Sindhu.

      The God is eternal and everywhere.

      Human just discover something, not invented like gravity.

      God is also before human, planets and stars but we just discover them.

      They are from beginning of universe and also "before" that period.

      The time period of God Shiva is more than 14 billion years because before that nothing like time. After God made time all universe beginning..

    2. Hindu word is not too old, it is derived from the word sindhu, a river. People living across the river sindhu were coined as hindu the land of Indus.

      The only dharma existed is sanatan dharm, which was totally based on karma.
      Every one was free to do their karm a, either it's good karma or bad karma, you were free go choose on your own. The one doing good karm was 'dharmi" and the one doing bad karm was "adharmi".
      Everyone had to pay according to their karma.

      The sanatan dharma only gave the way of living. In a whole scinerio there were no laws Just ways.

  3. Dharma (Religion) is not hindu, it is sanatan dharma.

    1. Right, it is Sanatan Dharma which exist from starting of human life. "Hindu" name is not in any ancient scripture.

  4. Anonymous11:12

    Is it right to chant Om namah shivay after eat nonveg.

    1. Lord Shiva doesn't like it so If possible then change food and request forgiveness from God Shiva for mistakes.

      Om Namah Shivay mantra should be chanted to please Mahadev, so it is our responsibility for doing something which is liked by them. For example, fastening on monday, Mahashivratri pooja and Vrat, and Worshipping them in temple.

      Shiva Purana also mention some rules while chanting Om Namah Shivay and to become devotee of them, our food must be clean.

    2. Lord shiva accepted the meat offered by aghoris as a gratitude

  5. This is right . You are absolutely right . I wll say that you have defeated scientists and science and that's true . Lord Shiva is all. Thal Thal mein baste shiv hain. He is the creator and these humans from kalyuga are blind . Jai mahakaal

  6. Jai bhole bhandari


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