Shiva Purana - Great book to know Shiva

The great book for God Shiva is Shiva Puran.

It is a book from which we can get knowledge about Lord Shiva, various avatars of Mahadeva, the glory of devotion.

Reading this Puran benefits us in a miraculous way that is surprising and wonderful.

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        शिव पुराण


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શિવ પુરાણ

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Part 2

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See Shiv Mahapuran episodes here in Hindi.

This is for quick reference:

  • What is Shiva Purana
  • How many slokas? 
  • Chapters of sivapurana
  • Benefits of reading Shiva Purana
  • How to read
  • Which place for reading

What is Shiva Purana?

Shiva Purana is a spiritual book to know God Shiva with the history, events, and glory of supreme Lord Mahadeva.

It is one of the holy scripture describe Mahadev in detail.

It describes Shivlingam, rules, some less known stories and history of Shiva.

There is a total of eighteen Puranas in the Hindu religion, full of knowledge and dharma.

One of the main book for who believe in the great God is this. A person who reads it is never ordinary. He is nearer to God Shiva and has a place in Shivloka.

How many slokas are in Shiva Purana? 

There are 24,000 slokas in the book. It is divided into 7 Samhita with detail and each Samhita divided into adhyays.

Shiva Puran God
Shiva Puran, credit:

Origin and Old Shiv Puran:

For the first time, there are 100 crore slokas. It is most prachin or historical Shiva Purana with extreme detail.

It is spoken by God Shiva himself to Goddess Parvati as a conservation form.

Nandi hears the full Purana.

Then Nandi says it to Sanatkumara.

And in this conservation and listening, It becomes shorten, of 1 crore verses.

After Sanatkumara explains it to Vedvyasa.

After sometimes, this divine text becomes of 1 lacs slokas and at that time also people have too long age.

But, this 1 lacs sloka is also long for the human in Kaliyuga as the average age of humans is decreasing.

So Maharshi Vedvyasa makes all to 24 thousand slokas that appear today.

Chapters (Samhita):

Puran has a total of 7 Sanhita or chapter, which is said to the main chapter in this great book.

All sanhita have numbers of adhyay or subchapter. Before starting of Shiva Purana there are Subchapters about Mahatmya (significance) of reading. It explains how Devraja attains Shivloka despite being sinner, how important it is for people in Kaliyuga to read Shiva Purana, a story of Chanchula and Bindug, rules for organizing Shiva Katha.

First is Vidyeshwar sanhita

In this chapter, detailed knowledge about Dharma is given. In Subchapters, details about Rudraksha, Bilvapatra, and procedure to worshipping Shiva is explained. The starting of the chapter is from a question of Sages and answer by Suta.

Second is Rudra Sanhita.

This main chapter has five subchapters.

In subchapters, first is Shrusti khand. In the Shrusti Khand, how God created our universe and relation between the creation of the universe and God Shiva is explained. It has Subchapters about Narada, Kubera and his previous birth, and about Formless Shiva.

The second subchapter is Sati khand. It gives information on Goddess Sati, how she born, her penance and in end, she leaves the body because of Daksha.

The third subchapter is Parvati khand. Subchapter explains Goddess Parvati and the marriage of Shiva Parvati. It also explains the penance and dedication of Parvati to marry Shiva, avatars Shiva takes to test Parvati.

Forth subchapter is Kumar Khand. It is about the son of God Shiva Kumar Kartikeya. It describes the birth of Kartikeya, he gets six head, how he gets his name, his fight against Tarakasura to save the world.

Fifth Subchapter is Yudhdha khand. It explains various wars between Shiva and demons. Lord Shiva fights against demons like Jalandhara, Tripurasura. And in one situation, Lord Shiva fight against Krishna to save Devotee Banasura.

The third Samhita is Satarudra Samhita.

In it, all main Avatars of Shiva with detailed stories are explained. It explains from five major avatars (incarnations), 11 Rudra Avatars, 10 avatars of Shiva, avatars to test Goddess Parvati, and numerous other avatars. See more information here.

Forth is Kotirudra sanhita.

It describes Shivlingam, the history behind various Lingam and where it located.

It explains twelve main Shivlingam, called Jyotirling.

Jyotirling are across the world and most of them are in India and Nepal.

12 Jyotirling are...

1.  Somnath Jyotirling

2.  Mallikarjun Jyotirling

3.  Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling

4.  Omkareshwar and Mamleshwar Mahadev

5.  Vedhynath Mahadev

6.  Bhimsankar Mahadev

7.  Rameshwar Jyotirling

8.  Nageshwar Mahadev

9.  Vishvnath Mahadev

10. Trayambakeshwar Jyotirling

11. Kedareshwar Mahadev

12. Dhushmeshwar Mahadev.

In the chapter, explanation about how each Jyotirling is created, the reason behind creation, benefits of various shiv linga is well described. 

In the same chapter, shiv sahasranama also explained.

What is shiv sahastranama?

It is 1008 names of God Shiva which is spoken by Vishnu to get Sudarshan chakra and for help to the world.

In Shiv mahapuran benefits of chanting Shiva sahasranaam are explained which will change the whole life.

The fifth is Umasanhita.

The chapter provides a history of Devi Parvati and avatars of Devi Parvati. Mother Durga and other avatars for various reason, which are celebrated in the form of Navratri, is well explained in Umasanhita.

Sixth Samhita is Kailash Samhita.

It is related to deep knowledge and a matter about mantra Om and details of Sanyasa. It explains about Shiva Tattva, the oneness of Shiva and Jeevas. It is mostly a conversation between Skanda (Kartikeya) and Vamadeva.

The last seventh Chapter is Vaayu Samhita.

It is divided into two parts.

1. Purvardh part 
2. Uttarardh part.

There are detail and answer to some most complicated questions.

Compete Shiv mahapuran is written by author Maharshi Vedvyasa.

What are the benefits of reading Shiva Purana?

It has a magical effect on reading.

As see how chanting Om Namah Shivaya benefits, there is a number of effects of reading Mahapurana.

There are great benefits of reading this Shiva Puran that will increase your knowledge about God and you can know the eternal reality of the universe.

Reading connect us to the supreme god.

By reading sivapuranam, our mind developed in the right way and we understand difficult things easily.

We become curious to know about Lord Shankar which is incredible.

By reading, we have spiritual benefits.

It also affects health and gives spiritual energy that affects you.

By reading, we get rid of sins and become positive.

We can know God in more detail.

One who read the complete book with devotion then he becomes sinless and devotee of Shiva God.

We can find the real meaning of Life and our human character.

Become influencer.

The material world is full of suffering but by chanting names of Shiva and reading spiritual books, one can free from the trap of suffering.

God help us in many ways in our life.

By reading mahapuran, we become spiritually successful.

God help us to know the truth and reality that make life better.

Understand the meaning of various mantra-like Maha mrityunjay mantra or panchakshar mantra om Namah Shivaya

One who read Siva Purana, then he will feel and experience miracles. Such a miracle never experienced before.

By the effect of reading, we feel magical power that never feels before.

Our thinking becomes divine and spiritual.

We can listen shiv Puran while sleeping, it connects us to Lord of the universe.

We can read Shiva Puran at home while following some rules to get the ultimate knowledge.

We can think deeply.

By reading, our mouth and eyes become divine.

In the Puran, shiv sahasranaam is a very powerful stotram of Mahadev.

Become positive and get rid of negativity.

Devotion toward Lord Mahadeva will increase and we can know better about Shiva from Granth of Rudra.

Become creative and know the reality of the world.

Get rid of sins from previous karma.

Give eternal happiness in our life.

Because of reading Puran, our brain becomes more capable to think great ideas that beneficial for writers.

Reading an ancient spiritual book helps a student in a study by increasing concentration power and thinking process.

By reading, Lord Shiva bless us.

It is one of the ways to please Mahadev.

Life will become miraculous that miracle seen every day in a mysterious way.

It is a secret to fulfilling wishes because by pleasing Omnipresence Mahadev, they will fulfill our wishes.

God Mahakal, who is eternal and infinite, is helpful in various ways.

Student gets high rank and marks because reading shiv Puran increase concentration and memory.

It makes us exceptional.

Reading is one way to get knowledge about the World and Mahadeva.

Increase in pain resisting power of the body by concentration on God.

There are 25+ mantra research and scientific benefits of chanting also.

Now, many people ask a question that how to read shiv mahapurana?

How to read Shiva Purana?

To read this ultimate spiritual book you have to follow these rules of reading for the best result.

Keep yourself clean.

It is better to read in the morning.

Need full concentration and faith in God.

If you are going to read the first time then first listen to Shiva Puran from a spiritual person because listening is the first step in reading.

Even, Listening Shiv Puran give magical effect.

After listening, remember Mahadev and him Glory.

By Remembering God, you become more concentrated.

While you have to keep God's Glory in your mind to read Shiv mahapuran.

Before reading, Chant mantra Om Namah Shivaya or Maha Mrityunjay mantra for deeply concentrate and move toward Mahadev.

Now, Start and read Shiv Puran.

Remember that this Purana is a holy book that needs a clean and holy place to read.

You can read one adhyay per day or more or less as you have time and capacity.

Shiv Puran is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati and many Indian languages.

You can read in any language.

If you read Sanskrit verses than it is better and more effective.

Which place to choose for reading Mahapurana?

Reading can be done at home.

Temple of Bhagwan Shankar is much better because you can worship and chant in a temple that gives more power to reading.

Reading also done under "Bili Vriksh" A tree of Bilva Patra.

The place must be holy and clean. There should not be any noise that can disturb.

Morning and evening are preferable for reading purposes.

Before and after reading, you can chant the mantra.

Mantra Om Namah Shivay or Shiva sahasranama is best before reading.

For reading, our mind must be toward God and have a mind with devotion.

Also, refer to Shiva Purana. In Shiva Purana, more details about How to listen to Purana and how to organize Katha are provided.

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