Shiv aavahan mantra - Lyrics, Benefits, PDF

Shiva aavahan mantra is a mantra which praises Lord Shiva by different names and calls them for help.

In this mantra, we request Shiva to protect us again death by saying "Mrityunaasham karotu me". Mahadev is called as "Mrityunjay" or "Mahakal" because they are not subject to birth and death. They are beyond time, they are saver from death.

A devotee who chants their mantras have not any fear of anything, they are saved by any problems.

Shiv aavahan mantra in Sanskrit/Hindi

शिव आह्वाहन मंत्र

ॐ मृत्युंजय परेशान जगदाभयनाशन ।
तव ध्यानेन देवेश मृत्युप्राप्नोति जीवती ।।

वन्दे ईशान देवाय नमस्तस्मै पिनाकिने ।
आदिमध्यांत रूपाय मृत्युनाशं करोतु मे ।।

नमस्तस्मै भगवते कैलासाचल वासिने ।
नमोब्रह्मेन्द्र रूपाय मृत्युनाशं करोतु मे ।।

त्र्यंबकाय नमस्तुभ्यं पंचस्याय नमोनमः ।
नमो दोर्दण्डचापाय मम मृत्युम् विनाशय ।।

नमोर्धेन्दु स्वरूपाय नमो दिग्वसनाय च ।
नमो भक्तार्ति हन्त्रे च मम मृत्युं विनाशय ।।

देवं मृत्युविनाशनं भयहरं साम्राज्य मुक्ति प्रदम् ।
नाना भूतगणान्वितं दिवि पदैः देवैः सदा सेवितम् ।।

अज्ञानान्धकनाशनं शुभकरं विध्यासु सौख्य प्रदम् ।
सर्व सर्वपति महेश्वर हरं मृत्युंजय भावये ।।

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Aavahan Mantra

Hindi PDF:

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Lyrics in English

Om mrityunjay pareshaan jagadaabhayanaashan
Tav dhyaanen devesh mrityupraapnoti jeevati

Vande ishaan devaay namastasmai pinakine
Aadimadhyaant rupaay mrityunaasham karotu me

Namastasmai bhagwate kailasachal vaasine
Namobrahmendra rupaay mrityunaasham karotu me

Trayambakaya namastubhyam panchasyaay namo namah
Namo dordandachaapaay mam mrityum vinaashay

Namordhendu swarupaay Namo digvasanaay cha
Namo Bhaktarti hantre cha mam mrityum vinaashay

Devam mrituvinaashanam bhayaharam saamrajya mukti pradam
Nana bhutagananvitam divi padaih devaih sada sevitam

Agyaanaandhakanaashanam shubhkaram vidhyaasu saukhya pradam
Sarv sarvapati maheshwara haram mrityunjay bhaavaye

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Shiva aahvaan mantra in English
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PDF - Shiv aavahan mantra in English

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In this divine mantra, we call Lord Shiva by names like Mrityunjay, Ishaan, Pinakine, Trayambak, Har, Maheshwara. Lord Shiva is called Har because they take suffering from devotee's life. They called Maheshwara because they are great God, the God of gods, the controller of the universe.

Lord Shiva is God who stays in all animals. They are also called as "Pashupati" which show that they are Lord of all creatures. We are all animals or "Pashu" and our God is Lord Shiva who controls us, spreads mercy on us. They are Lord of all of us. We are atman or soul when Lord Shiva is Paramatma who is the greatest soul and Supreme reality.

Benefits of Shiv aavahan mantra

By reciting this auspicious mantra, One can surpass death.  If one has death in the near future, it can be prevented by this mantra. Death by accident or fire is prevented. Diseases can be cured. Health will get better.

Mahadev is God of all the things, all gods, if one chants their mantra and calls them for help, they will listen to him and remove any dangers from devotee's life.

When we chant this mantra, our devotion improves, we feel the presence of God Shiva in life. Sometimes eyes filled with a tear in remembering Shiva which is extremely good. We make a path to achieve salvation. Shivloka can be reached where we see Shiva Parvati. There is nothing better than the devotion of Shiva, which we get by Mahamantra of Shiva. God Shiva stays with us every second. We can think about God Shiva, try to know them. By chanting mantra, our mind becomes such that it remembers qualities, power of Mahadev, which is so good that it is indescribable.

Chant this mantra in the morning, or at Sandhya (evening) time.

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