Rudrabhishek Mantra - From Mahabharata

Rudrabhishek Mantra is 11 verses stotram, chanted by Lord Krishna and Arjuna to please Lord Shiva and to get weapons from them.

Once in the battle of Mahabharata, Arjuna has taken a promise as either he kill Jayadratha or he will die. During night, Lord Krishna take Arjuna along in dream, in the Kailasa where by the inspiration of Lord Krishna, Arjuna chant Rudrabhishek mantra. As Lord Shiva is pleased by it, they give weapons to Arjuna.

Qualities and glories of Lord Shiva

Meditating Lord Shiva

All Powerful - Shiva is Strongest one, who can create or destroy universe by just thinking.

Handsome - Crores of Cupid can't compare them.

Mahayogi - Lord Shiva almost always meditate, sometimes thousands of years passed. They sometimes called "Yogeshwar" means Lord of Yoga. They are Nirguna, who is not in control of the worldly things.

Rudrashtakam - To Know Supreme Shiva's endless quality

Pics of Lord Shiva and written Rudrashtakam

Rudrashtakam is eight verses Stotram which give respect to Lord Rudra and show greatness of them.

It is made of "Rudra" & "Ashtaka".

Word "Rudra" shows the Rudra form of Shiva, who appear at time of starting of universe.

They also take incarnations of 11 Rudra avatars when Kashyap ask them to appear as son.

Shiv aavahan mantra - Lyrics, Benefits, PDF

Shiva aavahan mantra is mantra which praise Lord Shiva by different names and call them for help.

In this mantra, we request Shiva to protect us again death by saying "Mrityunaasham karotu me". Mahadev is called as "Mrityunjay" or "Mahakal" because they are not subject to birth and death. They are beyond time, they are saver from death.

Devotee who chant their mantras have not any fear of anything, they are saved by any problems.

Shiva Namaskaratha Mantra - Lyrics, Benefits, PDF

Lord Shiva Namaskaratha Mantra is one of famous mantra used to get blessing from God Shiva. It is very beautiful, audio of it is such that it recited in mind many times after listening.

It is great mantra which glorify Omnipresence, all knowledgable Mahadev, Lord of death. Mantra is also known as Lord Shiva Most Powerful Mantra. It's beginning is by "Om Namo Hiranyabahave", means I bow to one who has golden hands.

46 Lord Shiva wallpapers for your mobile

Lord Shiva is Supreme, all Powerful, creator of world.

Glory of them is infinite which is impossible to describe by anyone. Whole earth's space is not enough to write their infinite qualities.

Appearance of Lord Mahadev is very simple,

Lord Shiva photo
Wallpaper of Lord Shiva

But to understand complexity crores of life seems short. How one can know them? How one can describe them? It is simply impossible.

Pushpadanta also say in Shiva Mahimna Stotra that I can't understand you, can't describe you. I sing your qualities because it purify me.

To visualize omnipotent Shiva, I collect some wallpapers. Actually there is no photos or wallpaper possible. Because they have no shape, no color. They are beyond our sense, beyond physical dimensions, beyond our knowledge.

But still some wallpapers are I collect which is of their Saakar form. These are the photos in which they present as human form, who have Ganga on hair, Kamandal in hand, moon on head. This is form in which we can visualize them.

Let's see

Lord Shiva HD wallpaper

Om Namah Shivaya - Mantra Meaning, Lyrics, Significance

Photo of Lord Shiva and Om Namah Shivay

Om Namah Shivaya is mantra, made of 6 syllables, full of power, divine energy and positivity.

It has only 6 characters but has a very deep meaning. Each characters offer glory toward Shiva. In Shiva Panchakshar Stotram and Shadakshar Stotram, deep meaning of mantra explained, by knowing it we dive into sea of glory of Lord Shiva.

Om Rudraya Namah

Mantras of Lord Shiva are very powerful, and give everything.

Today I show one specific mantra which addressed to Lord Rudra, one avatar of Lord Shiva who is equal to them.

This Rudra mantra is so powerful, so miraculous which is impossible to explain.

It has power to remove any kind of problem from life. Even if some danger which seems like kill you, or harm you, will prevented by Supreme God Shiva.

It has such effect for which even thousands words is not enough. Chant it yourself and see effect, experience it yourself. Your experience will undescribable.

Mantra is:

Om Rudraya Namah

Om Rudraya Namah mantra lyrics